Our menu presents the true taste of the Middle East,

with a copious selection of appetizing mezze and main courses.

All our dishes are freshly prepared and served to the best standards.

Set Lunch

Served with dips for starters and a choice of main course

$22 ++

Complete your set meal with a soft drink or juice

$3.50 ++


Homemade dips Hummus and babaganoush with pita bread


Choice of main course


Served with saffron rice and salad

Arabic Grilled Chicken
grilled boneless chicken thigh marinated with special Lebanese spices and garlic

Shish Taouk

grilled chicken cubes marinated in mustard and lemon juice

Shish Kebab

grilled lamb cubes marinated in Middle Eastern spices

Kofta Kebab

grilled minced lamb flavoured with spices and herbs cooked over the charcoal grill


grilled minced chicken flavoured with spices, garlic and herbs cooked over the charcoal grill

Arab Burger

succulent homemade lamb patty on a toasted bun or wrapped iniceberg lettuce served with cheese, sautéed onions, tomato and rocket served with salad and fries

Falafel Burger

homemade chickpea patties with Middle Eastern herbs and spices served on a toasted bun garnished with lettuce, onion, parsley,tahini (sesame) sauce served with fries


Served with vermicelli rice and salad

Chicken Dawood Basha

chicken meat balls cooked in tomato sauce, capsicums and pine nuts

Chicken Potato With Lemon

marinated chicken leg cooked with potatoes, garlic and lemon. Topped with coriander.

Beef Bazalleh Stew

green pea, tomato and carrots slow cooked with sautéed beef and Lebanese spices

Beef And Spinach Stew

sautéed beef and spinach with garlic and coriander in clear sauce

Lamb Shiek Al Mahshi

stuffed eggplant with minced lamb cooked in tomato sauce

Artichoke Stew (V)

Artichoke hearts slow cooked with carrots, green peas and coriander

Potato And Cauliflower Stew (V)

potato and cauliflower sautéed with onion and coriander cooked with tomato and flavoured with aromatic spices